To break it down:

Black Heart Printing is a compression of my love for North Carolina the tarheel state and my love for printing. Probably should have called it Black Tar Heart Printing but you get the picture.

The struggle is real:

After a brief stint at a few colleges I finally threw in the towel and began my construction career as a Union elevator mechanic. The money was great and I was learning vast amounts of skills daily.  Even though the money was more than I had ever experienced it was a huge distraction and I lost a lot of time that I should have been putting into my art. Once I figured out better time management skills between work and my hobbies I began accruing presses and inks and learning about printing practices. Just like life it still was not a fantasy story. There were and still are many learning curves that had to be addressed. I would have to say that now looking back on it The most rewarding aspect is the constant learning curve and the battle to either give up or push yourself to figure the problem out. Let me tell you the problems are many. first you are messing with many light sensitive materials so you have exposure times. Then you have inks that can dry out if not stored correctly. Then there is having enough space to store and house your presses on and on and on and on.